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Friday, December 20, 2013

Paleo seems so easy now...

I feel like it has been an eternity now since we've made the full commitment to become a Paleo household!  I have forgotten all of the uncertainty that comes with giving up your absolute favorite foods....before you realize that you don't have to!!

Look!  Cookies!

There is much controversy in the Paleo community about many things...is this ingredient Paleo? Do I have to start wearing weird shoes to be accepted into your cult?  Do I have to start doing Crossfit...it's so scary?!! 

Look...I have come to the realization that everyone has their own "Paleo".  There is a framework to help you guide your way and the sooner that you can recite what you CAN EAT, then the less emphasis everyone will put on what you CAN'T eat (not that it's any of their damn business).  "High quality and sustainable meats, veggies, eggs, fruit, nuts, healthy fats (NO, for the love of all things sacred, canola oil is not a healthy fat), and natural sweeteners like honey, dates, maple, and coconut sugar."

It's not a DIET.  Yes, people tend to lose a lot of weight when they commit to eating this way, but that's not WHY you should eat this way.  You CANNOT half-ass this or it won't work.  If you think that you can eat strict Paleo all day long and then eat a bowl of cereal for dessert, think again.  If you understand the science behind the way grains affect your body, then you'll understand what I mean.  Read "Wheat Belly".

In my next post, I'm going to give you the tools you need in order to start the transition to a healthier way of life!  Pasta will be the first in the series!  It's so EASY...seriously.

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blackngreen T said...

I personally put the peanut butter cookie on the bottom of my favorite cookies list, so when Tara made these I half-heartedly crammed one in my mouth in search of a sweet snack as I passed through the kitchen, drawn in by the smell of something delicious. Not even kidding, these are my favorite peanut butter cookies ever and I have happily moved the peanut butter cookie back to the top of my favorite cookies list! The consistency changes day by day so store them properly and eat them within a weeks time. They don't strike me as a cookie you can freeze as they become crumbly over time but they are perfectly chewy and nutty fresh out of the oven and even the second day.:)