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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LuRong "Paleo Challenge" and Whole 30

Okay, I have good news and I have bad news.  Since you're not here to tell me which you want first, then we're going to start with the bad news and finish on a good news note. :)

My Crossfit box is all swept up by the LuRong Paleo Challenge.  8 weeks of strict Paleo eating, doing prescribed workouts (can scale) and over $100,000 in prizes!  Sounds awesome, right?!  Well...I didn't dig into it too much before saying I was in.  I made the commitment, then went to the site to sign up, and guess what??  It costs $50 a person.  Wait...it gets better.  It's only $47 for registration and your "first month's supply" of their supplements.  Crock of SHIT!  I go to the FAQ section and find out that on top of that, you only qualify for those prizes if you're competing in the upper levels of the workout.  Riiiiiiiight....I get it now.  You're hawking these non-Paleo approved supplements (there isn't a single one that's fully endorsed by the Paleo community), making us pay for them, then what??  Why don't you just let me fill you in on this because it was part of my training as a nurse:

They're collecting stats to market their product.  The people that pay $50 just for the challenge and no supplements?  They're the control group.  WE are paying THEM for a research study.  It's genius, really, but I'm onto them.  Our good Paleo doc, Chris Kresser sees it too.  They don't actually tell you any of this unless you dig deep into it, or actually make the commitment to register...on the second page of the registration is where it all comes together.  Fucking crooks.  If that ISN'T their intention, then it sure looks really bad that they're trying to use the Paleo label to hawk their shit.

Good stuff!! 

Whole 30.  I started September 4th.  Now...I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself but once at the very beginning and once at the end, but I can't help it.  I'm pretty sure I lost 4 pounds the first week.  I say "pretty sure" because I usually weigh myself in my chonies first thing in the morning, and today I had already started eating/drinking, and I was wearing my clogs....those weigh like 3lbs...srsly.

I'm so sick of black coffee.  The SECOND this W30 is over, I'm putting a TABLESPOON of coconut sugar in that shit.  Thankfully I have been having Bulletproof Coffee, so it's at least got some butter and MCT oil blended into it. Blech.

Well, this got really boring and wasn't particularly funny at all, so just go back to my post on Samoa cupcakes.

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