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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Paleo Halloween?! Pickled mice and hot cocoa, anyone??

Still trucking along on my Whole 30.  Dude, I thought being Paleo 80/20 was good for my energy level, but DAMN!  I seriously get home, change my clothes, then start doing all kinds of shit until dinner time. 

My Bulletproof coffee is still disgusting, but I'm drinking it every day.  I also ordered 2 pounds of beets through Good Eggs because I knew I needed to consume them somehow.  (Disclaimer about links I post.)  On Sunday, I made the Beet Kvass out of #Fermented ...Look how pretty!: 
 I also made the Beet Simple Syrup from Butter Nutrition, but I forgot to take a picture. Other stuff I forgot to take pictures of that I made on Sunday: Hot Cocoa Mix from Feed Me Rachel (DUHlicious in coconut milk), Carrot Breakfast Muffins from Elana's Pantry (Holy SHIT those are good), and This Curry Awesomeness from Paleo Pot.  

OOH!  We LOVE Halloween at my house and everything seems to take on a Halloween theme this time of year.  I also made Pickled Mice.  Relax.  They're radishes!  4 cloves of garlic, a Thai chili, and radishes!  Oh, and a grape leaf on top...and that's a glass candle holder keeping everything under the brine.  It was 75 cents vs. the glass discs you find online for $8.  I hope there isn't anything weird in it that will leach into the radishes...?

Halloween Central!  Black kitty cat included!

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